Below are some of the things our organization does:

  • We sponsor our newest initiative, our $25 Pit Stop Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program.

  • We provide sponsorship(s) to assist new pet owners in treating Heartworm Positive dogs through our Heal A Heart Program. North Carolina is a high intake state; meaning that many dogs that come through the Wake County Animal Shelter’s doors are Heartworm Positive or HW+. While heartworms are easily preventable through monthly preventatives, they are sadly expensive and extensive to treat. Our team recognizes the financial strain this can place on new adopters; therefore, offering sponsorships on our long-timer dogs that will be paid directly the the adopter’s vet.

  • We assist in providing funding for medical care for animals in foster through the shelter. County shelters are limited in what they can treat. On occasion animals come in who require minor medical care that the shelter does not have the ability to treat such as tooth extractions, extended recovery from surgery, etc. Our organization will work with the shelter and foster family to get the animal treated and ready for adoption.

  • We will place sponsorship on Senior and advanced medical case animals. Unfortunately, the shelter receives a fair number of elderly animals or animals in need of major medical care. Due the extenuating needs of these animals, the shelter relies on it's Rescue Partners to pull these animals into their programs. When funds allow, our organization will place sponsorships on these animals for their medical care. This helps to reduce the financial strain on our Rescue Partners and allow them to continue to pull animals from our shelter.

  • We will facilitate adoption and community outreach events. Our organization works in conjunction with the shelter to participate and offer offsite adoption and education events to increase the public's awareness of the shelter and it's needs.

  • We host multiple supply drives throughout the year. Our organization works hard to ensure the animals, volunteers, and staff at the shelter have the required supplies they need. We conduct blanket drives, food, and treat drives each year to keep the shelter well stocked. To learn more about the supplies our organization needs for the shelter please see our Amazon Wish List. All items are shipped directly to the Wake County Animal Center.

  • When in need, we provide funding to board shelter animals. On occasion it becomes necessary to board shelter animals due to overcrowding. While expensive, it is our belief to save as many lives as possible.

  • Provide Access To The Community Via Our $5 Kitty Clip Spay Neuter Program. Twice a year, in June and December we offer $5 spay and neuter vouchers to cat and kitten owners residing in Wake County. 

As we do receive a lot of questions about these particular items, here are some things our organization does NOT do:

  • We are not a rescue and we do not accept animals. 

  • We are an outreach organization that aligns with the Wake County Animal Center; therefore, we are not set up to take in animals.

  • We do NOT offer temporary fostering or re-homing for private animals. As stated above, we are not a rescue. 

  • We do NOT offer medical care or financial support for privately owned animals. All the animals we assist are in the care of the Wake County Animal Center.

  • We do NOT aid animals in other shelters. We recognize there are needs in other counties all over the area, state, and nation. In a perfect world we would love to help every animal in need but for now we focus our efforts on our local community which is Wake County, North Carolina. If you would like to start an organization like ours we would be happy to talk with you. Please use our contact page to send us an email.