Announcing Our Partnership With Second Chance Pet Adoptions

We are so very excited to announce our brand new partnership with Second Chance Pet Adoptions to expand our low cost spay neuter program, Kitty Clip!

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What does this mean for Wake County Residents, you ask? 

"Through Kitty Clip, residents of Wake County can spay and neuter their own cats, or their feral cats in their community for just $5 per cat. With no income requirements, this affordable vet care--which includes basic vaccines--is more accessible than ever and will make a major impact on animal homelessness, with up to 1,000 spayed and neutered in 2019!" --Via Second Chance Pet Adoptions

Spaying and neutering is important not simply because of the reduction of homeless animals coming into the Wake County Animal Center, but also for the health and safety of your pet. Here are a couple of statistics provided by
Second Chance Pet Adoptions:

“While male cats can father as many as 2,500 kittens per year, female cats can get pregnant as young as 4 months old and have kittens every 3 months. This frequent mating plays a major role in the rate of over 5,000 cats coming through Wake County Animal Center in 2017 alone—even as over 100,000 cats remain homeless in our community. There is simply not enough shelter space or tax dollars to house, spay, and neuter every homeless cat.”

“Spaying and neutering doesn’t just curb animal homelessness—both lead to happier and healthier pets and pet owners. Neutering male cats reduces their risk of prostate cancer and reduces their instincts to roam, fight, and mark territory (in-home or elsewhere) with urine. Spaying female cats helps to prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, many of which are cancerous.”

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