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Dog Of The Month: July 2019: Teardrop

Meet Teardrop

ID NUMBER: #133724

Hey there--I'm Teardrop. I know I drew you in with my gorgeous eyes and coloring, didn't I? It's true, I am a beautiful, three year old Lab/Terrier Mix. But, I have been told that I am also a very good girl. I walk perfectly on a leash, am treat motivated (I even know sit!), listen to corrections, and love to play with other male dogs here in playgroups. The staff and volunteers say I am one of their favorites--whatever that means. Honestly, I'm pretty low key. I like to chill and nap or go for a hike or walk--whatever my favorite person wants to do. I have been told I have this thing called Heartworms, but apparently, it's extremely easy to treat and the kind people from the Friends Of Wake County Animal Center have placed a $350 sponsorship on me towards treatment--don't let that deter you. So, won't you consider visiting me today and see how lovely, special I really am? Big hugs, Teardrop.

Teardrop is Heartworm Positive, but has a generous sponsorship of $350 towards treatment from us here at the Friends Of Wake County Animal Center. Once treated, Teardrop will live a long, healthy life. Along with the sponsorship, our treatment coordinator will help guide you through treatment each step of the way, if needed. Learn more about our Heal A Heart Program here.

Teardrop is currently available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center at 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh. The Center is open daily from 12 - 6 PM for meet and greets and adoptions. To inquire about an animal, please call 919 212 7387.

Dog Of The Month: May 2019: Levi

Meet Levi

ID NUMBER: #165959

I'm Levi! I am the world's best couch-potato-buddy and there is nothing in the world that I love better than to snuggle and be with my people. I might be six years old, but I have plenty of energy and love playing and long walks. I have impeccable potty habits and I walk well on a leash (and am learning to ignore the squirrels, ha!). I respond well to positive praise and ear rubs and my foster mom and dad have signed me up for training classes to learn more good-boy habits. I am well behaved while they are at work, just give me a peanut butter Kong and a soft couch or bed, and I am a good boy all day. I am living in a house with cats and I really like them and they like me. I have met other dogs on my walks and am being trained to be respectful, but I would do best in a home where I am the only dog. I am neutered and I have had all my shots and I am healthy and happy. If you would like more information or to meet me, please contact my fosters at

Dog Of The Month: March 2019: Martinez


Meet Martinez


ID NUMBER: #189984
BREED: Large Terrier Cross
SEX: Male
LOCATION: At The Shelter

Are you looking for another addition to your family? Do you have another dog I can play with? Then, I may be the perfect guy for you! I've done really well in playgroups, proving that I am a FRIENDLY, SILLY, PLAYFUL, FUN boy who is RESPECTFUL and appropriate with female dogs when I play with them. I love a silly romp but I also love attention, belly rubs, and CUDDLES from my people! I do well on the leash once I’ve been able to get some of my energy out. The volunteers say, I'm attentive, smart, and VERY treat motivated. I have Heartworms but they are totally treatable and Friends of Wake County Animal Center have generously donated $350 towards my treatment. If you think I would fit into your forever family, please come meet me!

To view Martinez’s full details, portfolio, and bio, please head to this link.

Dog Of The Month: Smiley

Meet Smiley

Age: 11
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Sex: Female
Weight: 52 Pounds
Location: In Foster

Don't let a few gray hairs fool you, I still have a lot of love to give! I am a sweet, low key kind of gal who is very content to snuggle up by your side. In fact, for me, the best thing in the whole world is to be able to snuggle next to you on the couch while you rub my tummy and we doze off watching mindless TV together. I walk nicely on a leash after a quick burst of initial spritely energy. Seriously, sometimes it's hard to believe I'm eleven! I do need to be (and deserve to be, in my own humble opinion) the queen of the castle. I don't care for other dogs. I can see them and not react, and we can walk by them or around them and I'm cool. But, I have issues with my own personal space. And why shouldn't I? I've been around long enough to have earned the right to be the one and only and get ALL the tummy rubs, right? So, if you have no other pets and want, seriously, the easiest dog you've ever met, then come meet ME. I'm house trained, crate trained, already spayed, chipped, heartworm negative and up to date on everything. I'm the total package!

Smiley is currently available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center at 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh. To view Smiley’s portfolio, full bio, and foster contact information, please head to this link.